Level 3 Certification in Business Studies

The course is designed to enable individuals to acquire the principles of business, administration, information and communication to improve business performance and manage conflicts in the workplace effectively. Business management is a vital component for the effective performance of an organisation.
Newyork International- NY01 Business Administration

The NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration RQF (601/3965/1) is a job-ready qualification that prepares learners with the skills and knowledge to excel in any business administration role. It will teach you the expertise needed for such a role, including business communication, administration, delivering presentations and presenting business data.

Learning Outcomes

• Gain an understanding of the principles and practices of business administration. • Understand the principles of business communication and information. • Understand the principles of administration. • Learn how to improve business performance within an organization. • Gain insight into equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and the importance of practicing it in the workplace. • Learn how to manage performance and conflict in the workplace effectively.

Course Curriculum

1. Principles Of Business 2. Principles Of Business Communication And Information 3. Principles Of Administration 4. Understand How To Improve Business Performance 5. Understand Equality, Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace 6. Understand How To Manage Performance And Conflict In The Workplace 7. Principles Of Leadership And Management


A Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Business Administration provides the knowledge and understanding to perform the role and assesses the competence of putting it into practice.