CMA India

CMA India
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Cost Accounting Management is a certificate programme designed to train students for working in different industries and corporate functions. In India, the credentials of the CMA course are issued by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI). The programme mainly focuses on valuation issues, financial statement analysis, working capital policies, external financial reporting, etc.

CMA Course Levels

The CMA programme comprises three levels. One only become eligible for a higher level after she/ he has passed the previous level. Following are the three stages of the CMA course.

  • Level 1 - CMA Foundation Level

  • Level 2 - CMA Intermediate Level

  • Level 3 - CMA Final Level

CMA Course Duration

  • The duration of the CMA course is flexible. Which means that the time taken to complete the CMA programme depends on a candidate‚Äôs level of focus and dedication.

  • The course can be completed from 6 months to 4 years.

  • Usually in India, students take at least 3-4 years to complete the course.

  • In the US, the course is completed in just 6 months.

Skills Gained Through the CMA Course

Following are a set of skills that candidates get to learn through this programme.

  • Expertise in Financial Accounting

  • Strategic Management

  • External Financial Reporting

  • Internal Controls

  • Performance Management

  • Cost Management

  • Expertise in Management Accounting

  • Profitability Analysis

  • Planning and Budgeting

  • Risk Management

  • Investment Decision

CMA Course Registration and Fee

The CMA course registrations end at least four months prior to the day of the examination of the intended level. You can only apply for the stage that you are eligible for.

When to Apply for the CMA Course?

The registration/ application for the ICAI course remains active throughout the year. However, you will have to register four months prior to the intended term. For instance, if you are interested in appearing for December Term Exam, you will have to apply before the 31st of July in the same year. Likewise, if you are interested in the June Term Exam, you must register before the 31st of January in the same year.

Where to Apply for the CMA Course?

In order to register for the course, you will have to submit your duly filled Postal Application form, along with the relevant documents to your respective Regional Councils. Every Indian state is divided into four regions and come under the regional council of that area. The Regional Council of Western India is in Mumbai, Southern India is situated in Chennai, Eastern India in Kolkata and Northern India in New Delhi.


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