Rs. 9,000


This agreement is made on this DATE day of 20XX


DGITO TTS PVT LTD a company registered under the Companies Act 1956, (and its brands like Aimfill International, Ufly International, etc...) (herein after referred to as “we”, “us” or “DGITO”).

DGITO offers curated and specially designed higher education, skill training and industry-relevant diploma and certification courses only with National Skill Development Corporation, certifications from Aerospace Aviation Sector Skill Council , Tourism and Hospitality Sector Skill Council and Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council) Of the first part, rest other training is considered as private coaching;


Mr. or Ms or (I aged years, son or daughter of  (herein after referred to as “Student or I or you”)

1)I have joined for Regular Job oriented skill training Classes  of DGITO subjective to DGITO standards and Policies for__________ (DIPLOMA or UG coaching or PG coaching or Combined Course Packages) , online or blended or direct mode course from the respective locations. I have (registered or am studying or may register in future or may not register) directly with the university or certification body on _________________________ (date) at __________, duration of the program (3 months or 6 months or9 months or one year)

2) I understand that DGITO Certification courses examination is conducted by the Controller of Examinations DGITO assessment body. The Job role certification programs assessments are conducted by respective Sector Skill Councils as a part of National Skill Development corporation of India (NSDC) as per NSQF Standards.

3) I understand that DGITO is ONLY responsible to facilitate the training sessions  per the DIPLOMA or UG or PG schedules as per the syllabus of students registered certification body  I agree that I want to attend the 3 months or 6 months or 9 months or One year Additional or Special Regular Coaching Classes given by DGITO and the paid course fee of Rs. _________________________ (in words______________________________________________) is only for above said Additional or Special Regular Coaching Classes or Skill training diplomas and any kind of Registration or Exam fee of any external certification or governing body like UGC, DIPLOMA or UG or PG, IATA, DGITO   than NSDC is to be paid directly by myself and DGITO TTS PVT LTD doesn't hold any liability of the same,

4) I understand for the Additional or Special Regular Tuition for BBA coaching or MBA coaching in the 2nd and 3rd year regular Tuition, I have to pay the tuition fees of an amount Rs. 30000or- (in words thirty thousand) in each year additionally.

5) I understand that I should score minimum Grade C+ in the DGITO Certification examinations for getting my Placement support from DGITO TTS PVT LTD, and I further agree that Photographs, images, etc of students may be used by the institution in all or any of their publicity materials without seeking the consent of the student and it shall not have monetary or any other payment considerations at any stage during or after the completion of the course.

6) I agree that, my original certificates (SSLC. Plus Two and Degree) will be on hold with DGITO TTS PVT LTD till the payment of my course complete fees for the security. This shall be my undertaking, that on enrolling the course I shall be responsible for completing the course fees, either I complete, or fail or leave half way through the course enrolled for, while I have given my certificates, for security purpose to the institute, if I force to collect my documents without completing the course fees or apply to concern authority to collect duplicate giving false statement is a criminal offence.

7) I am aware and responsible of any certification body I have registered, or shall register after completing the coaching or middle or part or later based on my interest from time to time. I further agree that if I am registering or withdrawing or canceling registration with any certification body, DGITO cannot interfere, direct or oppose at any time. Hence based on my request DGITO may access support all the necessary university or certification body registration , in India or Abroad , furnishing the documents or passing the interview (if required) , filling the application in true fill manner , attaching my documents or supporting me for verification, getting the police clearance certification ( if required ) getting immigration certificate (if required ) without any consulting charges or any other fees other than actual.


DGITO is only responsible for the following certification based on the request or interest of the student, if the students register

● Certification-01 Through Sector Skill Councils of National Skill Development Corporation Govt. of India.

● Certification-02  DGITO  TTS  Six  Industrial Specialized Oriented Certification

● DGITO Certification course certificate will be issued only after 45 days from the date of the Examination and the institution is only responsible for issuance of the above-mentioned certificate.

● No, certificates will not be issued if the course fee is pending.

● Any other certification other than NSDC or DGITO , DGITO shall not be responsible. I shall Directly deal with the university or any other certification body


if I opt, any qualifications approved and regulated by Ofqual, I Shall be eligible to progress to top-up degree and master’s programmed  at many universities in UK and overseas with advanced standing as per our OFQUAL regulated authorized partner(ORAP). Successful completion of certain  diplomas   will   also   allow me to join the top-up programmes which are delivered by ORAP. DGITO shall not be having any responsibility for the same.


Upon payment of the Course fees – in part or whole, depending on the Course – DGITO shall deliver the schedule of the Course and grant you to attend to the Course. The invoice may be provided to you along with the email confirmation or within two months thereafter. This shall be proof of delivery against the successful payment of fees. Owing to certain exceptional circumstances, if DGITO has granted you to attend the Course with pending payment, and DGITO does not receive payments within the stipulated time periods, DGITO may, at its own discretion, prevent you from attending the Course without giving any prior notice.

● The student should take the BBA or MBA registration by themselves for the particular course – MBA or BBA or Diploma.

● It is mandatory to submit necessary BBA or MBA registration proofs to the institution at the time of course admission to get proper tuition from the institute.

● The institute will not be responsible if the BBA or MBA rejecting or  postponing the registration of a particular student in case of the late submission or not eligible admission documents by the student DGITO consultancy support shall not be responsible, whatsoever, for the delay, if any, from the BBA or MBA with regards to late delivery of ID cards, textbooks, hall tickets, examinations, etc. BBA or MBA Tuition Fee will be charged separately. No Payment will be waived off in such circumstances


● It is mandatory that the students should bring their own textbooks and other study types of equipment during the class time.

● It is mandatory that the students should wear a prescribed uniform, ID., and grooming as per the dress code.

● Students should keep proper time to attend the classes as well as submitting the assignments

● Expenses incurred for transport, study materials, uniforms, industrial training, etc during the period of study shall be in addition to the course fees and have to be borne by the student.

● DGITO will only provide soft copy study materials in the form pdf or video link or a learning portal. DGITO shall not provide any hardcopy study materials.

● The student's kit will be issued only after the payment of the minimum fees as per the course fee description. It is compulsory to pay the fee as per the fee structure by DGITO. The institute can't entertain delay in payment of the fees (Scheduled fees). If the students fail to pay the fees, on such situation the paid registration fee will be adjusted with due amount and registration will be cancelled.

● Industrial visit or any other training trip will be held at the end of the academic year or end of the course based on the batch minimum eligible strength for the activity. The activity will be postponed or held up by DGITO without any reasoning or explanations


Whether you have filled the course application ( manually or online) and enrolled in a Course by paying the applicationor registration fee or seat booking fees ,partially or full you shall be considered a ‘student’ for the purpose of these Terms. You are responsible for following the rules and regulations related to DGITO and the course.

● It is mandatory that the uniform, flag, logo, ID., etc. that represents the institution should be worn during the class hours. The uniform, flag, logo, ID., etc. provided should not be used at any place, function or time other than my class hours as it could adversely affect the goodwill of the institution.

● The management shall have the right to initiate any disciplinary proceedings for matters related to discipline, lack of good conduct, violation institute rule, and regulations, etc, even suspension or dismissal from the institution.

● If any loss including loss of reputation incurs due to any act or misconduct of a  student  He OR She  shall be responsible  and  accountable   as the management feels to fit and appropriate, to the institution for all such losses.

● Disputes, if any, shall come under the jurisdiction of the courts at DELHI (HO)


● A minimum of 90% of attendance* at class is compulsory. 90% attendance of the classes is mandatory in order to be eligible to attend both BBA or MBA or Diploma or certificate coaching with DGITO standards. Less than 90% class attendance automatically forfeits the right to attend the exams. The only exception that is acceptable is for medical reasons or emergency, but only if a medical certificate that is duly attested by Notary can be furnished.

● Only 15 days leaves are allowed to the students in each semester. Students have to pay fine for each extra day absent.

● Students are not permitted to take leave without proper reason. Every student must submit a leave application form as earlier as possible.

● Students must be punctual in attending their class. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter the class. Students must come at the right time for attending the class. 15 minutes from the time of starting is allowed after this time period is considered as late. Four lattés will consider as one absent.

● If the student takes continuous leave for more than 1 week or 5 working days, they should submit a proper medical certificate or required documents.

● If the students are absent from class continuously for one month they should take re-registration* with cost of 40% of total fee.

● If incase of lockdown or any other situation which is not there in DGITO control or any other reason , DGITO shall conduct classes, examination or internship online, that shall be treated as regular classes. I shall cooperate with all such circumstances


NSDC or DGITO Examinations — on Semester Mode

● Students have to pay as examination fee of Rs. 2500 for each semester for DGITO

● he NSDC regulated assessment fees is Rs. 1500 per certification.

BBA or MBA Examination – Annual Mode

● Issuing or non-issuing   BBA or MBA  examination  halltickets, course certificates, and other course correspondence from the BBA or MBA is their sole responsibility and DGITO TTS PVT LTD shall not be liable or connected in any way.


● Placement Guarantee* – Guarantee is only provided for the Metropolitan Course.

● To get Placement support from DGITO the student needs to pay Rs. 5000 (Five Thousand Only) through the minimal cost to DGITO.

● ; The student should score minimum C Grade in the NSDC or DGITO Certification examinations for getting any DGITO certificates and Placement support from DGITO.

● The Institution provides placement assistance for all its students who have successfully completed (should score minimum grade C+) the concerned courses through the placement wing, but the placement is not guaranteed. DGITO(DGITO  Technical  Training  Services  Pvt Ltd) does not guarantee placement for any of the courses that it conducts. Placement assistance support is only a value-added service that we provide to our students, but it's not part of the curriculum or liability with us. Placement assistance shall only be provided for students who have successfully completed the course with required credentials.


Placement Guarantee means students will get Job offer letter with minimum of Rs. 2.4 Lakhs CTC (annually) from DGITO or its subsidiary or partner company or may be third party companies as per the respective employer policies, rule and regulations with three months assurance. For whatsoever reason the students looses the job after the three months , the students can opt the 100% Placement assistance scheme by paying Rs. 5000 additionally to DGITO or continue with the present employer as per the requirement or Performance Improvement plan with the respective employer. DGITO shall not be liable after three months of successful employment. Within 3 months if any company replaces the student from the job, DGITO will ensure to place the student with another Job offer letter for three months overall.


Former students or students who have completed withdrawal procedures may apply to the dean of admission for readmission to the College. Applications for readmission are to be submitted at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester in which the student wishes to return.


A student admitted to a particular course package (Executive, iii, International, domestic, metropolitan, luxury) will normally continue in that course till the academic year completion. The Branch or the course can’t be changed once the registration fee is paid.


● Students may be suspended from the College for disciplinary or integrity reasons may lead in to termination based on the committee decision In such cases DGITO Committee decisions will be final and no refund will be possible in agreement with refund and grievances policies even after termination the terms of the agreement will be applicable. Readmission to the College after the semester of suspension is not automatic, but requires an application to the dean of students. A student readmitted from suspension for disciplinary reasons will normally be placed on disciplinary probation for the semester immediately following readmission. Readmission will normally be denied if the conditions specified at the time of suspension have not been met. DGITO reserves the right to defer readmission if space is not available.

● A student suspended for academic deficiency will be notified in writing of the committee's decision, the reasons for the suspension, the length of the suspension and the conditions under which he or she will be considered for readmission to the College or termination will be decided.

● A student readmitted from a suspension for an academic deficiency will be placed on academic probation for the semester immediately following readmission


Admission to a Batch for MBA coaching or BBA coaching or DGITO Certification courses or any other DGITO Coaching shall have three phases.

Application Form A student interested to join a course (any course) has to fill in the application form  by paying the amount. Filling an application form shall be considered only as an expression of interest. This does not guarantee admission to a particular course, batch or center of DGITO to the student.


Seat Booking Fee: Seat booking shall be 10% (ten percent) of Total Fee. Seat booking shall be considered as the amount a student pays to ascertain his admission for a particular course, batch, Seat booking shall be valid and withstanding only till 15 days of application form fees to pay the admission amount. If a student fails, for whatever reason, to pay the admission amount as required for a course, the management reserves the right to cancel admission to a branch and course.

Registration or Admission Fee: Admission fee shall amount to 40% of Total fee. This shall be fully payable on or before starting the batch. No excuses, whatsoever, shall be entertained and dates cannot be deferred or negotiated regarding Admission Fee.

Tuition Fee: The balance amount of the total fee, after deducting the Seat Booking Fee and Admission or Registration Fee shall be calculated as Tuition Fee.

●  Total Fee: Cost of Additional or Special Regular Coaching of one year given by DGITO.

● Seat Booking Fee (SBF): 10% of Total Fee – Need to pay during admission

● Registration Fee (Reg Fee): 40% of Total Fee - Need to pay before class starts

● Balance amount of Total Fee i.e Total fee – (SBF + Reg. fee), need to pay in two equal installments, like 50% BEFORE 1st semester and 50% BEFORE 2nd semester or can be paid monthly and is applicable if the chose course is above Rs. 1 LAKH and if course is more than one semester


● BBA or MBA Fee (1st, 2nd and 3rd Year registration fee and Exam Fee), IATA Fee (Registration and Exam Fee), DGITO Exam Fee is required to pay to separate out of total fee to the respective certification body, DGITO shall not have any liability for this.

● It is compulsory to pay the fee as per the fee structure. The institute can’t entertain irregular payment of a monthly fee (Scheduled fee). If the student fails to pay any monthly fee the paid registration fee should be treated as monthly fee same as an equal amount.

● GST is NOT applicable for skill development courses by NSDC or any Govt associated courses.

FEE PAYMENT and Offers

● Exemption from Course Fee: All kind of Certification fees (IATA. DGITO, BBA or MBA, etc.), Exam fees (IATA. DGITO, BBA or MBA, etc.), Course Registration Fee (BBA or  MBA and IATA), Study material and Uniform, In-flight Training, Placement support, etc. these all are not a part of the total fee or described course fee

● Inclusion of Course Fee: Cost of special coaching is given by DGITO for the DGITO TTS's Job Oriented Certification Courses and NSDC Skill training AND special coaching  for the BBA or MBA syllabus training of MBA or BBA courses of any respective university registered by the student.

● I agree that, International In-flight Training: The institute is only responsible for the Tickets, VISA, Emigration, one night Accommodation, and the Local Transport charges for a day. Students need to meet the food expenses themselves. If more days accommodation is required according to the plan change if they are opting for city tour or any other program, student needs to pay Rs. 20000 or more.

● I agree that, FREE MOM’s Flight Ticket is only applicable for student who is eligible for getting the international in-flight trip for 4 or lesser days. VISA, Emigration, food and accommodation, and the Local Transport charges, student needs to pay Rs. 30000 or more only through DGITO.

● I agree that, Any Course Package that is less than Rs. 100000 (Rs. One Lakh only) course fees should be paid as One Time Payment for the eligibility of the batch start

● I agree that, Upto 50% Discount of tuition fees (only), pay after placement scheme – for AIU001 (STUDENT GETTING A JOB EITHER THROUGH DGITO OR OFF CAMPUS PLACEMENTS or any other mode of placement is liable to complete his total course fees, contradiction to this DGITO has right to cancel the job offer or to hold the job until fees clearance) is available only to those students who completed their seat booking, and registration and 50% of tuition fees before class start date.

●  I agree that DGITO offers, discounts of up to 10% (ten percentages) to students who pay their total fees (including tuition fees) payment as one -time upfront before starting Batch, who is not under the bank loan or for course fees below Rs. 100000 or any other offer.

●  I agree that I have to pay the Total Course Fees under any given circumstance even if I fail to attend the class (or) If DGITO suspends or terminates my access from the classes due the FEE DUES or Disciplinary action or any other violation of the agreement for any reason whatsoever.

● I agree and understand that company has the right to recover the fees from my cheque leaf , my property, or security deposit or my belongings or not limited the company can take legal action for recovery

● I agree that according to the DGITO Policy, apart from Rs. 9000 application fees is for applying the course which is valid till 15 days and balance course fees has to be paid as a one time payment on or before the batch start for courses less than Rs. 1 lakh. In case of my request or sanction from the management to pay in installments I have to submit cheque leaf as per the schedule allocated

●  I hereby understand in case of default in the scheduled payment, upon my request DGITO may give 20 working days to make the payment failing which proceedings will be initiated.


● Students need to do the advance payment of their each semester fees

● The fee payment date (Cheque Date) will be common for the entire batch. There will not be any concession is available for the late joiners.

● The BBA or MBA or DGITO Certification courses, students have to remit their entire course fee during the first year. All seven-star program students have to pay the entire fee in the first year itself

● The amount mentioned here as total the course fee is ONLY to meet the cost of special Coaching of DGITO Job Oriented Certification and NSDC Skill Training Courses given by DGITO.

● Students need to pay the Exam fee (DGITO, NSDC, BBA or MBA, UK OFQUAL and IATA) separately as per demand.


● Students may ask assistance for Bank Loans.

● Students should specify if they required or not required Bank Loan assistance in their course application form itself at the time of joining. Further appeals will not be entertained.

● The Student has to pay the Registration fee before submitting Bank Loan documents from DGITO.

● DGITO will only help the student with the documentation required, Bank Loan is not guaranteed.

● We will not be responsible for disbursal of bank loan. It will be done by the bank itself

● If the student is not able to get a bank loan he or she will have to pay the fees from some other source

●  In no case will the fees that have already been paid to be refunded if the student does not get the bank loan


The fee once paid will not be refundable under any circumstances.

Educational Partners and Accreditation

● DGITO is a Funded Training Partner of NSDC – National Skill Development Corporation, an education service and Skill Training provider, following with Indian and International standards, in association with governmental  authorities   NGOs  corporate  etc. or an independent DGITO Certification (“Individual Educational Partners” (if any)).

● Admission to the degree or diploma coaching or tuitions of a Non Affiliated  Educational Partner (if any) is separate from being accepted into and or or taking one or more Course(s). You agree and acknowledge that nothing in these Terms or otherwise with respect to the use of the Platform or any Course(s) (a) enrolls or registers you in an Non Affiliated Educational Partner (if any), or any other school, division, institute or Course(s) of or associated with any external Non Affiliated Educational Partner, (if any) and (b) allows you to access or use the resources or receive any benefits or privileges of any Non Affiliated Educational Partner (if any), beyond the Course(s).

● You will be awarded a certificate of successful completion of a Course(s) (“Course(s) Certificate”) upon fulfilling the criteria and requirements of DGITO and NSDC or solely from DGITO only.

● You acknowledge and agree that any Course(s) affiliated with a Non Affiliated  Educational Partner (if any) may be subject to the terms, policies and procedures of the applicable to the Non Affiliated Educational Partner (if any) in addition to DGITO’s Terms. Without limiting the foregoing, if you are a student registered or enrolled at, or are otherwise attending, a Non Affiliated Educational Partner (if any) and are taking a Course(s) for credit or certification through that Non Affiliated Educational Partner (if any), you acknowledge and agree that (a) the Non Affiliated Educational Partner (if any) may have its own terms, policies or procedures regarding your eligibility to participate in the Course(s), your participation in the Course(s), the requirements or prerequisites for receiving credit or certification for the Course(s), and or your educational or student records as they may relate to your participation and performance in the Course(s), and (b) your educational or student records are maintained by the Non Affiliated Educational Partner (if any), including for purposes of assigning credit or certification, and not DGITO.

● I agree that, if I have taken an admission with an educational or & certification body which is not the education partner with DGITO, then DGITO is not liability

● Please verify all contents like fee structure, syllabus, certificate, etc prior to enroll. In the event you come across any Content that is incorrect, infringing, indecent or objectionable, please notify us immediately.

Miscellaneous Provisions

By accepting the DGITO Academic Terms through your joining process to the course, you certify that you are 18 years of age or older than legal age.

These Terms or any Program-specific terms shared with you shall be governed by, constructed and enforced in accordance with the laws in India, as these are applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within India and without giving effect to any principles of conflict of laws. You agree that any legal lawsuit or other action brought by DGITO, to you or any third party to enforce these Terms or any Program-specific terms shared with you, or in connection with any matters related to the Curriculum or Programs, shall be subject only to the jurisdiction of the courts of Delhi after following the steps in Grievances.

Where a dispute arises, the parties involved shall make all reasonable efforts to resolve the dispute through good faith negotiations (DGITO Grievances Resolution Policy). If efforts to amicably resolve any dispute or claim between the parties are unsuccessful, then such dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the Terms or any Program-specific terms shared with you, including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be referred to arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1956, as amended (“Act”) before a sole arbitrator to be appointed by DGITO. The proceedings shall be conducted in English and the seat for arbitration shall be Delhi.

DGITO Grievances Resolution Procedure

DGITO having International standard training and creating history of Training and yet , 100% satisfaction to everyone can't be guaranteed. If any case we fail to satisfy you, there shall be a request for grievances resolving procedures by following the following steps

1.) First Level of meeting: Meeting with student on branch level along with a parent or guardian with Branch Counselor and Branch Manager. This meeting will be initiated after a written mail sent to the branch manager, quoting the reason and cause of meeting cc: In case the meeting is not amicably settled second level of meeting will be requested from the Branch Manager

2.) Second Level of Meeting: Incase if you are not satisfied with the discussion DGITO supports student to have meeting on regional level along with both the students, Branch Manager, Counselor and Regional Manager. In case the meeting is not amicably settled third level of meeting will be requested from the Regional Manager to National Level committee meeting

3.) Third Level of Meeting: Escalation to national level of our DGITO team along with the parents, Branch Manager, Counselor, Regional Manager, National Head and legal counselor (if required).

4.) Fourth Level of Meeting: In case the matter isn't resolved in all three levels then according to the agreement, an arbitrator can be appointment as per the arbitration law by the Board members of the organization and a meeting will be called after the arbitrator meets the staff of DGITO and the student and his guardians separately and later calls for a meeting with rightful resolution after submitting the records to the Board members.

5.) Fifth Level of Resolution: Incase if not settled in arbitral discussion then both the parties may  approach a court of law in front of consumer forum.

6.) Until the final result from the law in force I agree both the parties shall not have any prejudice mind and not conclude the justice or defame the organizations or its brands in any manner. Publishing video on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram or any social media or any channel or mouth to mouth publicity with defamatory or falsifying contents or element , print media , videos or comments , writing on walls until the case disposal in the court of law.

 to follow the above mentioned steps to approach the grievance and resolve the matter and hence I agree I shall not be approaching any other authority or departments before executing above procedures.

I have registered with DGITO after undergoing and agreeing the DGITO grievances policy , however if I deviate under influence of external force or mind change this will considered as criminal defamation and extortion with the prejudice mind. DGITO has all the rights to take action under criminal law as breach of trust, cheating and criminal defamation.

Any dispute or difference whatsoever arising between the parties out of or relating to the construction, meaning, scope operation or effect of this contract or the validity or the breach thereof shall be settled by the binding of this above mentioned agreement following the guidelines and policy

By undersigning or agreeing this “agreement’ I am responsible to obey and accept all detailed above and the upcoming or changing rules and regulations with respect of DGITO academics

Rs. 9,000

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